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I have written a few months ago that in nowadays French political culture, running for the European parliament, away from the real center of power (Paris, where else?) was tantamount to political exile in Siberia; a punishment doled out by His Majesty our president to disgraced aides who have incurred his wrath for one reason or another: Rama Yade (who refused at her peril), Rachida Dati (who accepted).

Media coverage is just a reflect of the conventional wisdom of the French pols class: EP doesn't matter; only the Executive branch does, and the French parliament to a lesser degree.

Oh, Europe has always been convenient as a tool to help ram down neolib reform (it's Brussels who made us do it, not our fault; honest), and even then, the perceived center of European power is Brussels, not Strasbourg.

The European Parliament has always been considered as a potted plant; a retirement home for old glories like Michel Rocard or not so old like Daniel Cohn-Bendit.

Look at the HADOPI "Three strikes" circus: even though this law would be in direct contradiction with the EP decisions, our own lawmakers (and the contents owner lobby), are hell bent into passing it at any cost, even postponing another law about incest for the purpose. This is beyond autism.

Blaming the French media for the superficial or wanting coverage is besides the point: its the French political class that needs a serious wake-up call.

As of today, they still believe they can legislate their own way and the  rest of Europe will comply. To be fair, the example is coming from the top.

by Bernard (bernard) on Tue Apr 14th, 2009 at 01:11:48 PM EST
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