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I live in Columbus, NJ, the next town over from Bordentown, which hosts a RiverLine Station.  What the story doesn't tell you is about the increased problems as a result of this train.

This train has linked one of the highest rated crime city in the US for many years running, Camden NJ, with the City of Trenton.  While Trenton was never a prize, it was somewhat safe to move about.  Now we have the gang-express as some locals refer to the RiverLine; the train has exported Camden's crime to many of the municipalities along its path, but Trenton has been particularly hard hit.  Violent crime has soared, all sorts of drug related crime is also rising.

 I can tell you that I know many people who will not ride the train because of fear of safety, unlike with our major rail services like Amtrak or NJ Transit, this is a seedy ride.  Don't let the story of the numbers gloss over the complete impact.  There are likely many towns along the RiverLine that wish they could close terminals, but do not have that authority.

This service was never sought by any sizeable population.  Instead it was a liberal feel good project that was inflicted on the taxpayers of NJ.  A state which is now likely to go broke because of its spending on bad projects like this.

by boszleyusa (boszley@aol.com) on Sat Apr 18th, 2009 at 09:51:24 AM EST

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