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Your implied jab on all government spending as liberal feel good spending aside, I put together some numbers on crime in Trenton.

According to the 2003 stats published by the FBI, crimes reported in Trenton prior to the opening of the river line were as follows -

Population:             86,130
Murder:              13
Forcible Rape:          36
Robbery:             645
Aggravated Assault:     824
Burglary:             1,073
Larceny or Theft:     2,514
Car Theft:             1,090
Arson:                     26

In 2006, the stats were as follows

Population:            84,703
Murder:              18
Forcible Rape:         31
Robbery:               632
Aggravated Assault:    593   
Burglary:           806
Larceny/Theft:         1,211   
Car Theft:             460
Arson:                 23

This does not look much like a crime surge to me.

An article on the 5th year anniversary of the River Line in the Burlington Times seems to fit with the original poster's appraisal.

The River Line at 5

It's been five years since the launch of the River Line, NJ Transit's Camden to Trenton light rail line and we think it's a qualified success.

The line has fulfilled a need for additional public transportation in the county and provided a much needed economic boost to some of the towns it spans.

New restaurants and shops have opened in Riverton and Burlington City, and new townhomes were built near the River Line stations in Cinnaminson and Delanco.


NJ Transit also needs to make the safety of its riders and River Line neighbors a priority.

While police officials and nearby residents have said criminals sometimes make use of the line for illegal activities, crime statistics don't show a significant increase in crime in the towns served by the rail line.

Regular users also have raised concerns about vagrants and panhandlers, as well as drug-dealing, on some of the station platforms and in some of the cars.

NJ Transit police officers do patrol the 34-mile line route, but we believe a substantial increase in ridership should correlate with an increase in security patrols at the stations.

A preliminary google search on "river line crime" and "river line new jersey crime" turned up the above article, info on the new station, and the ET article here, but not much about serious crime problems created by the line.

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