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Lars Raaum » Blog Archive » Leading Europe - Why it shouldn´t be Blair

Appointing Blair would atleast be a huge symbolic failure and damage the EU´s international clout.

There are also pragmatic, less symbolic arguments against his candidacy. What has Blair actually done after being appointed the EU´s Middle East envoy, the EU´s representative in the peace process? All we know is that he´s been teaching a course on Politics and Faith at Georgetown University and become the worlds most expensive public speaker, but what he has done for the peace process is unknown. My speculation is that it is very little and that the reason is very much connected to Iraq.

I´ll launch two alternatives:

1) Marrti Ahtisaari. Pros: President of Finland in its first years as EU member and during its transformation to a "model member". Nobel Peace Price Winner. Cons: 71 years old. Controversial in Serbia and some other countries in the world.

2) Angela Merkel. Pros: Highly respected. Really knows how to run an effective Presidency. Finally a female! Cons: Needs to lose the German elections this autumn first. Yet another reason to vote SPD.

Any other suggestions?

by Fran on Mon Apr 20th, 2009 at 01:46:47 PM EST
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