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In an attempt to drum up public interest in the European elections, socialist and liberal parties launched scathing attacks on one another last week in a series of press releases and open letters published in the Belgian press.

As European liberal democrats gathered in Brussels to launch their election campaign on Wednesday (15 April), socialist leaders warned them to "tread carefully" when backing the extension of the EU's single market to sensitive sectors such as energy, postal services, railways and health care.

The warning came in a letter co-signed by Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, president of the Party of European Socialists (PES) and Dutch and French-speaking leaders of the Socialist Party in Belgium, Caroline Gennez (Flemish S.PA) and Elio di Rupo (Wallonian PS).

(For the Liberals' response, see DoDo's Despairing About Liberals.

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See also this excellent post by Julien Frisch

European Parliament elections 2009 (83): PES and ELDR start campaign fight with exchange of open letters

European Parliament elections 2009 (83): PES and ELDR start campaign fight with exchange of open letters Yesterday, the Party of European Socialist (PES) wrote an open letter to the European Liberals and Democrats (ELDR). Today, ELDR has answered with another open letter.

This is the first substantial exchange of political arguments I am aware of on the European level in this campaign.

It is the first time we get into something that is worth debating. And because it's not about me (although I had my say on the issues yesterday), let me just present you parts of the letters (PES in italic, ELDR in blockquote) and make it a true exchange, without my comments interfering. I have erased some lines, to make it not too long, but don't hesitate to read the integral versions that are linked above!

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