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For the heck of it, I did it for Hungary and Germany. I didn't think in advance so I did both in the native language... so some explanations for the graphs below.

First, the positioning of parties and myself; right-left axis social-economic left-right (methinks that should be two separate dimensions... for a number of parties, extremes in those cancel out), top-down: for-against EU integration.

(MDF: small centre-right party with a recent extreme market-liberal makeover; SzDSz: small liberal party; Fidesz: right-populist main party; MSzP: Socialists; LMP: a new moderate Green formation; Jobbik: fascists)

(CSU, CDU: Bavarian/rest of Germany Christian Socialists/Democrats; FDP: [neo-]liberals; FW: Free Voters, localists; SPD: Social Democrats; Die Grünen: Greens; Die Linken: Left Party; DVU, Rep[ublikaner]: far-right)

Next, level of shared values with individual parties:

I suspect the reason this test claims I share more with the domestic far-right than the CDU, CSU and FDP is the fascists' support for the social state.

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by DoDo on Thu Apr 23rd, 2009 at 04:35:50 AM EST
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