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Here (pdf!) is the earlier study I mentioned. France is still below Germany, Malta is not there, the U.K. is at the bottom, Belgium is still at the top on education, but health in Italy is much better. Why?

Some other interesting facts from that study (they have some data from non-European countries as well):

  • Percentage of children age 15 reporting less than 10 books in the home: lowest in the Czech republic, highest in Portugal, followed by the Netherlands and the U.S.
  • Low birth weight: Japan, followed by Hungary. Russia has reasonable birth weight but is a spectacular outlier on infant mortality. For deaths from accidents and injuries, Russia is also an outlier, but Israel is even worse.
  • Percentage of 15 year-olds whose parents spend time `just talking to  them' several times per week: Hungary is the best, closely followed by Italy. Germany would be worst, if they hadn't included data from Israel.
  • On the other hand, "Percentage of young people age 11, 13 and 15 who find their peers kind and helpful", is best in Switzerland, with the U.K. being worst.
  • You didn't really need a study to tell you that for "Percentage of students age 11, 13 and 15 who  report having been drunk two or more times" is the highest in the U.K., far ahead of even Finland?
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