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What makes a good MEP? (38 days left to the Euroelections June 2009) «

Good negotiating skills, clear values and language skills are just three attributes required to be an effective MEP according to some Members we spoke to recently. They also stressed the need to have a good overview of the state of Europe and be able to listen to other points of view. Given very differing political cultures and approaches to politics across the 27 EU states we asked a random selection of Members from all corners of Europe what they think makes a good MEP.

Young Spanish Member, Daniel Bautista, of the centre right EPP-ED group believes Members "should have very good knowledge of not just the workings of the European Institutions but also a good overview of the state of Europe, politically and culturally." He also went on to stress "the importance of having an open character and being able to negotiate with MEPs from other countries and political groups", and "the ability to speak at least one foreign language".

by Fran on Mon Apr 27th, 2009 at 02:18:40 PM EST
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