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But they never gave a thought to the Iraqis. They never imposed a curfew right after siezing Baghdad, all the senior officers left and put the whole mess in the hands of the most junior General at that time, Ricardo Sanchez.

There was never any guidance at all from Washington about what to do with Iraq once it was conquered. Which is why Bremer blindsided Cheney and Rumsfeld with his op-ed piece in the NY Times as well as his reconstruction plans. Powell's Iraq Study Group on reconstruction was torpedoed by Rumsfeld. Jay Garner was flown in with lots of press, told to do good work, and then forgotten. They never even issued the guy an office with a phone. But they never made any move that implied conquest, reconstruction, and oil exploitation.

No. I think it was Wolfowitz' plan after all: screw the Palestinians. I could never figure out how until Gaza, then the stories about the settlements, and the evictions from East Jerusalem came out in the US.

God, I'm dumb. I knew about the Wolfowitz quote. The West Bank should have been the first thing I thought of.

And this is exactly the kind of thing I'd expect of Cheney.

"It Can't Be Just About Us"
--Frank Schnittger, ETian Extraordinaire

by papicek (papi_cek_at_hotmail_dot_com) on Sun Apr 26th, 2009 at 09:37:11 PM EST
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