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"We don't want to close any of the four Opel plants in Germany

And I'd love to live the life of leisure. Seriously, how a highly leveraged Fiat expects to keep open 4 plants that serve the same market segment as it does while still operating bankrupt Chrysler exceeds my understanding. If I were Marchionne I'd be sorely tempted to take the brand and the patents and scrap the rest.

This entire Opel business is turning really bizarre. There have been reports that Fiat is the preferred candidate of CDU/CSU. Merkel's chosen car advisor, Roland Berger, just happens to sit on Fiat's supervisory board.

On the other side, reports are surfacing that the SPD has been using its contacts to Socialist Austrian ex-Chancellor Vranitzky, who sits on the board of Magna (the Austro-Canadian parts maker which also owns what used to by Steyr in Graz) to get Magna into the bidding.

Interesting times in the car biz.

The fact is that what we're experiencing right now is a top-down disaster. -Paul Krugman

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