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I saw this on MosNews and thought it was a joke.  Now the Trib's reporting it:

Chicago Tribune: Soap drinking, leg biting, handcuffs: Another wild flight on United

According to court documents, Rusanova was returning home to the United Kingdom after traveling to California to visit a man she had met over the Internet.
Fearful of flying, she had taken sleeping pills and consumed two or three bottles of red wine, according to a statement she made to FBI special agent James McCarty.

About three hours into the flight, a United flight attendant said she found Rusanova with her feet on her in-flight food tray, kicking the seat in front of her. Rusanova, who appeared to be very intoxicated, according to a court filing, requested more wine and then fell asleep when it was denied her.

A short time later, the same United crew member was told by passengers that Rusanova was incoherent and bothering fellow travelers. As she approached, she saw Rusanova "drink a bottle of liquid soap that she had apparently removed from the bathroom," according to the court document.

A melee ensued as flight attendants attempted to subdue Rusanova while moving her to a flight crew member's seat at the rear of the cabin, where she was eventually handcuffed. Rusanova allegedly threw punches and even tried to bite a flight attendant's leg, according to the filing.

Rusanova told McCarty that she remember little about the flight, aside from fighting with a flight attendant over seating and the quality of United's red wine.

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