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BBC NEWS | Europe | Basques set for landmark handover

The Basque region of Spain is set to swear in its first non-nationalist government in three decades.

The Socialist Party (PSE) and the centre-right Popular Party (PP) agreed last week to govern together.

The deal came after Basque nationalists failed to win an absolute majority in an election in March. The PSE's Patxi Lopez will head the new government.

Security in the Basque capital Vitoria is tight, as Eta separatists have threatened the incoming government.

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France 24 | Socialist to lead first non-nationalist Basque government | France 24
Socialist Patxi Lopez is expected to become the head of a minority government in the Basque Country following last month's elections. It's the first time since a regional parliament was set up in 1980 that a non-nationalist heads the region.

AFP - The regional parliament in Spain's Basque Country will Tuesday elect Socialist Patxi Lopez as the head of the region's first non-nationalist government since the chamber was set up in 1980.
While the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) won the most seats in the 75-seat chamber on March 1, the Socialists and the conservative Popular Party and the tiny UPyD party have a combined majority of 39 seats.
The PNV has ruled the wealthy northeastern region bordering France, which has been wracked by decades of violence by the armed Basque separatist group ETA, since it got its own regional assembly.

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