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Thanks, Afew or your response. I appreciate how exasperated you are at almost any criticism of ET no matter how diplomatically couched, and how little credit you feel frontpagers get for the very time consuming and difficult job they do. There are also, of course, many positives about ET which I have tried to do justice to in this diary and which are why I do come back form time to time, even if in a less fully engaged way.  

Ultimately you have, collectively, the power to pull the plug on ET which is more or less where the last spat ended up.  It was clearly enunciated that it was your way or the high way and that people shouldn't assume that ET would be continued indefinitely.  That is absolutely your prerogative and I don't have a problem with an editorial board making editorial decisions.  

I am a guest here and don't want to outstay my welcome.  I would rather leave ET altogether than see it fold.  However I also feel that some of the problems have been exacerbated by frontpagers who take any criticism of ET or other dissenting views in a very personal way and have occasionally responded in a very personalised way.  That is not to say, of course, that all those criticisms or dissenting views on other topics have been justified.  Simply that (in my view) they could best have been handled differently.  

I am going to leave this conversation at this point because my experience is that my views on this simply aren't accepted and seem to inflame others.  My intent in posting this considered diary response to your challenge was to be constructive and helpful, not to dig up old wounds.  I DO think that a lot of mutual respect and trust has been lost, and this certainly explains my reluctance to engage further.  But I also don't see any way of resolving that problem any time soon, which is why I think it best that we just walk away from the issue at this stage.  Being a Devils advocate can damage your health.

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