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He's merely saying they will hold them for longer, until they find an adequate solution.  He has to do this, he has no choice.  

The problem is that even though many were not anti-american before, they surely are now, after being held in this facility.  Also, if even one of them does anything ever against he US it will be a political football that enables more repression than you are seeing now.  This is the sad reality of the US political world.

He didn't put them there and he's not going after new guys to put in these facilities.  He's trying to deal with the lose/lose reality of what he has inherited.

It is tempting to say "just let them out and see where the chips fall."  Unfortunately the consequences, politically, of one of those chips falling, would derail a lot of good that is being done.  

There is also the issue where some of these prisoners, if sent 'home,' would be targets.

by paving on Fri May 22nd, 2009 at 03:49:20 PM EST
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