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What was most striking about the episode of Berlusconi's improvised speech was that the audience applauded. Now one may applaud for a variety of reasons, the most common being courtesy. It is known that Berlusconi also brings along his paid claque to applaud, though this does not seem the case here.

The speech was given during a "solemn occasion" the annual meeting of the National Confederation of Industries. It is obvious that the meeting expected a discussion of the grave economic crisis which directly concerns them and the Italian government's do-nothing policy- a crisis that Berlusconi has repeatedly denounced as a giornalistic invention.

Berlusconi's tirade instead was outright slander against judges. He asserted that they are extreme leftists and that a "reform" is paramount. He then attacked parliament and called for popular initiatives (which are slower and ineffectual by the way- but would make for an excellent propaganda spot) to speed  up legislation. (Invision hoards of menacing rabble surrounding parliament with this psychotic hystrionic in the lead calling to have it expunged, an amusing situation given that the majority of parliament consists of his groveling sycophants.)

This morning Berlusconi denied he had ever implied what he effectively implied in his tirade and accused everyone of adopting "Stalinist tactics" to distort the Truth.

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