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This morning Berlusconi denied he had ever implied what he effectively implied in his tirade and accused everyone of adopting "Stalinist tactics" to distort the Truth.

The stenographic transcript furnished by Berlusconi "proving" that he had never said parliament is "useless and damaging" is in contrast with the unexpurgated version of his speech.

Effectively Berlusconi said, "Now  they'll say I've offended parliament. But plethoric assemblies are useless and frankly unproductive." Press dispatches- as well as his own party mouthpieces- substituted the word "unproductive" with "damaging".

Berlusconi siezed the occasion to attribute the words to the "ignoble" and "Stalinist" opposition leaders- which will make headlines for his brainless hoi polloi. It remains, as so often, that brash scissor jobs done in plain view are hawked as absolute truths.

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