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Why bother to vote if you think it doesn't change anything, and politicians are all a bunch of liars? That seems to be the conclusion, depressing for politicians at least, of a survey of European countries ahead of the elections to the European Parliament.

The German-based Foundation for Future Studies (curiously funded by British American Tobacco) has come up with an interesting opinion poll after speaking to 10,000 people in eight of the EU countries.

Asked why the turnout in elections was going down, 60% of those questioned said people thought election promises were not kept (63% in the UK), 49% that numbers bothering to vote had decreased because people felt their vote didn't influence anything (54% UK) and 57% because of general dissatisfaction with politicians and political parties (63% UK).

The interviews were conducted in March, so the greater than average British cynicism cannot be laid at the door of the duck house (MPs' expenses). The question is a little odd, asking people to second-guess the reasoning of others. They were asked their view of why turnout has gone down, rather than their own reasons for voting or not voting. In theory one could be part of the 60% while firmly believing all politicians kept all their election promises.

by Fran on Wed May 27th, 2009 at 02:26:34 PM EST
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