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For the European elections there's the need to talk about Europe. To put forward a programme. Instead, I just see manifestos with the Centre that is neither on the Right or the Left (*). Big posters with more Left, more Right, more Moderate than the Centre Left. So many big faces with "bimbi" in tow (but was it not forbidden?). Nothing about Europe. It's not an election campaign, but a road map.
Brussels is the cemetery of the elephants. The most deficient get sent abroad as has happened with Albertini and Occhetto. It's a "Club Med" to have a holiday well away from national political crises. The unpresentables, convicted like Pomicino, or on trial like Mastella, are rewarded with the highest salary in Europe. Is this Europe useful to us? We know nothing about Europe. The European Commission has no power. If it doesn't even manage to get the "Rete 4" verdict respected. To get Fede out of our hair.
Obscure European functionaries place their signature (like taking dictation) and every year send billions of Euro to Campania, Calabria and Sicily. Our money, paid with our taxes. No real control from Europe. No verification from the Government and from Parliament. Guess where the money lands up. Guess why the Lega stays in religious silence. Billions of life annuities for organised crime while there's a lack of money for Abruzzo, for schools, for security, for health. For everything! Even for the flying squad police who can only give a single truncheon blow before going on strike.
In Italy, the dialect is coming back. We no longer know how to speak Italian. When they go to Europe, our representatives express themselves in gestures. The European Central Bank does what it wants. Economic policy, capital flows, investments are decided by a group of people. Who are these people? Who gives them the authority to cause the failure of rice cultivation in Italy or the wine production in another country? It's a Europe founded on the euro, a supermarket that always has new shelving. Without a common social policy, without an army. A Europe occupied by the Americans since 1945. From 63% of voters in 1979, it went down to 45.7% in 2004. The European voter is starting to disappear. Participation is born from knowledge, from transparency. Raise your hand if you know which laws have been voted on in the European Parliament and why they were put forward.
To change Europe, there's a need for new faces, for new air. Luigi De Magistris and Sonia Alfano are my candidates for Europe. If they are elected they have guaranteed me that they will make visible on the Internet all the funding assigned to Italy (8 to 9 billion euro a year), who gets it, and what they really do with it. And this for the whole of their period of office. Luigi and Sonia are honest people who are presenting themselves as independents for Italia dei Valori.

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty
by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Fri May 29th, 2009 at 10:00:34 AM EST
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