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Guardian: Tragic, unwise: Conservative grandees turn on UK's David Cameron over plans for European Union
A group of Tory grandees and former senior diplomats will tomorrow launch a devastating attack on David Cameron's flagship Eurosceptic policies, warning that they pose a threat to British influence in the European Union.
On the eve of the European elections, the Tory leader stands accused of adopting a "rigid commitment to impotence" after he pledged to withdraw from the main centre-right grouping in the European parliament.
Cameron, who will appear alongside highly conservative EU allies in Warsaw tomorrow, goes into the European elections next Thursday on the most hardline Eurosceptic ticket of any mainstream political leader since Britain entered the EEC in 1973.

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Times Online [UK]: Poll reveals Labour heading for election humiliation (30 May 2009)
The overall general election standings put the Conservatives on 41 per cent, up two percentage points since the Populus poll this month, Labour on 21 per cent - down five points - and the Liberal Democrats on 15 per cent, down seven points. But a different picture emerges when people were asked how they will vote on Thursday.

The Conservatives drop four points to 30 per cent, compared with the poll three weeks ago. Labour drops nine points to 16 per cent, and the Liberal Democrats fall eight points to 12 per cent. UKIP are the beneficiaries, rising 13 points to 19 per cent, ahead of Labour and the Liberal Democrats. The Greens rise to 10 per cent, and the BNP is up three points at 5 per cent. A change in methodology for today's poll could account in part for the higher figures for the smaller parties. They were included in the main "prompt list" for respondents. In the earlier poll they were included only in the prompt list for those who said that they would vote for "another party."

The poll is particularly bad news for Mr Brown because the expenses row has hit all the main parties equally, with some of the most prominent casualties being Tories, but the Prime Minister and Labour appear to being blamed by the voters.

The brainless should not be in banking. — Willem Buitler
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