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The Scoop engine has a lot of "plugins" for various things that can be mixed and matched (link lists some). Unfortunately, ET's Scoop version is a bit old and can't be easily retrofitted AFAIK.

The best long term solution is to scrap the code and migrate it to a recent version, then import the existing comment and story database tables. This is as painful as it sounds, but less painful than doing major surgery or switching to anoter engine.

Realistically, this would need someone with a spare Linux box to install a new Scoop server (free), install all the desired addons, adjust the templates for the ET style and logo, and make an announcement so that people can comment/criticise it. Once it looks good, the database can be imported and the old server retired.

$E(X_t|F_s) = X_s,\quad t > s$

by martingale on Fri May 29th, 2009 at 08:23:13 AM EST
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