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scientists ... sometimes happen to have it wrong

No offence, but this is just a statement of the bloody obvious. They are only human after all. They do not claim to be infallible.

scientists ... sometimes happen to have it wrong and consider something as absolutely impossible.

Devious wording (again no offence). Science is dealing with describing the nature of things as they are; it is dealing with studying reality (what is possible) not unreality (what is not possible). But in so far as it goes, since science never considers anything to be absolutely proven (hence the concept of falsifiability), a scientist who claims something is "absolutely impossible" might be sticking his neck out a bit. However, he is perfectly entitled to make the claim since it only requires one instance of that "something" occurring to prove him wrong.

But to the broader point, so what if a scientist or group of scientists get it wrong? I hope no one has the idea that there is something wrong about being wrong in science (which is to say drawing the incorrect interpretation from the observations/results). Scientists get things wrong all the time. The point is that science strives to correct its own errors.

Of course, if you believe that there are some errors that science will never be able to correct or some aspects of "reality" that science will never be able to probe, then that is a different story. Such claims are ultimately unknowable, since the identification of an error/omission in current scientific understanding is the start of the process to rectify it.

by det on Mon Jun 1st, 2009 at 07:32:57 AM EST
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