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Thanks, Jake, for your feedback.

E) I believe that your definition of what is meant by "progressive" on ET could be what most perceive.

poemless mentioned in "Encore I" that liberals had begun to call themselves progressives when they couldn't get anywhere as liberals, and that they had gone liberal when socialists were discredited; originally they had been communists. Maybe that's an American view only.

I had also mentioned before that being a progressive (moderate to pronounced lefty) and a patriot rarely go together in Europe. In the US they do which gives a very different flavour to the same notion here and there.

D) Any religious debate or that of personal faith on a political blog is prone to generate flame wars because they touch sensitive, existential matter. It helps to understand that sensitivities exist on both sides, the atheist doesn't like to see his worldview treated as mere "nothing there there". That's maybe less obvious for the religious person than vice versa (I'm guessing.)
I concur with much of what you say on this.

The problem is that these things are so existential (also to what we're debating here) that they tend to surge from time to time unless there is underlying agreement on some given belief.

Laicism is an agreement to leave religion at home; it works like a "faith" that all have in common. France tries to maintain peace that way. Laicism does have merit but it is a bit like trying to tame the weather. Faith and spirituality are such mighty powers (realities)(generally speaking) that they will never be fully under control. And then there are the big religions where spiritual and political powers merge.

I perceive ET like a body that says: "NO! We don't play that game. We don't assume but base our assertions on facts and logical reasoning. We don't succumb to the pitfalls of spirituality's wobbly matter." The intentions are good but I believe that you are betraying (??) yourselves or underestimating severe weather patterns.

I will try to elaborate on this soon.

by Lily (put - lilyalmond - here <a> yahaah.france) on Sat May 30th, 2009 at 03:48:06 AM EST
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