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But how would it possible to make diaries more appealing to outsiders, without knowing who those outsiders are?


The premise of this 2-part foray into "user-friendly" design "improvement" of ET is the unknown quantity of "occasional reader" (Lily). Let's not forget: Acquiring ("attracting") and converting an unknown quantity of "occasional readers" into ET um insiders --presumably persons distinguished by frequency of visible activity-- is a problem, she identified more or less, for ET administrators to solve.

  • Size: universe of ICT subscribers excluding cumulative registered users, visits per month, unique visitors per month (for comparative  value perhaps).
  • Usage: e.g. views per story, time per story, comments per story, services (rating by type, search, wiki, published stories etc. per diem and by device (whot, no ET Mobile proposals? RSS?). Analysis of such data informs reader segmentation
  • Preferences: i.e. how "occasional readers" specifically prioritize value of website services. (That's a data collection challenge no diary-with-poll can service!)

Why is this piece of interface design proposal writing a big fat void thus far? Could it beeeee (1) unknown by definition (2) no model demographic of "occasional reader" (3) no target demographic of desirable "insider"? heh.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Mon Jun 1st, 2009 at 11:13:11 AM EST
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