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It's what comes out when you quantize the Maxwell equations. Why does there need to be more to it than that?

Because as can be seen
here, even for minds as brilliant as Niels Bohr's it took quite time before accepting the existence of a particle of light.

One can also look here for a different kind of view of quantum mechanics. I particularly liked this phrase:

The Bohm interpretation is a hidden variables theory. In other words, there is a precisely defined history of the universe; however, some of the variables that define the history are not (and cannot be) known to the observer. For that reason, there is uncertainty in what we know about the universe.

One can also check out this theory here that seems to have a particular problem with quantizing Maxwell's equations - and I'd also like to quote:

In a September 2007 conference David Wallace reported on what is claimed to be a proof by Deutsch and himself of the Born Rule starting from Everettian assumptions. ...  It is fair to say that some theoretical physicists have taken them as supporting the case for parallel universes.

and also this one of which we can read here:

Carver Mead has developed an approach he calls Collective Electrodynamics in which electromagnetic effects, including quantized energy transfer, derived from the interactions of the wavefunctions of electrons behaving collectively. In this formulation, the photon is a non-entity ...

None of these theories are disproved, btw.

That said, it can be refreshing to meet a mind populated by so many certainties. On condition that it's on a sunday afternoon and one has nothing better to do of his time.

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