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First, comparing the American Pro Life Movement with Jewish settlements is comparing apples and oranges. You can sure try to mix categories to make your point.

I AGREE with you that the US has a problem. I don't fully agree on where it lies or that Christian evangelicals (alone?) are responsible for what you call American fascism. They, i.e. certain fundamentalists may have their share in this general sense of loss of freedom.

When I ask whether all Christians should take the blame (for the assassination/its causes), I can call it only pedantry when you ask me where I got that from. In Jerome's dkos link, one of the issues was the Christian religion's accountability. What is the Christian religion? The author didn't talk of bible burning. The Christian religion = its members = Christians. I hope you can follow the reasoning.

Enfin, Christian reconstructionism is NOT Christian. Sorry to disappoint. To call Jesus a divinity isn't quite sufficient to claim Christianity for oneself. Jesus made a new covenant that didn't exactly cancel out the old one but fulfilled it. A society based on Old Testament Law is under the old covenant. These people don't walk their talk, or rather don't walk their name. But then, I should at least quickly check them out on wikipedia before I'm going pass any final verdict on them/their ideology.    

I wonder whether you really want to find out what's going on in the US or whether you already know everything, and your opinion isn't subject to change anyway. Maybe it would be the easiest if you could outline your philosophy in a diary. It would safe valuable energy.

I'd like to end the Tiller debate here (at least my part in it).

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