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Because as can be seen here, even for minds as brilliant as Niels Bohr's it took quite time before accepting the existence of a particle of light.


The proponents of the steady state theory took a long time to be convinced of the big bang. Again, this speaks to the intuition and metaphysics of the scientists, not to the science.

The Bohm interpretation is a hidden variables theory. In other words, there is a precisely defined history of the universe; however, some of the variables that define the history are not (and cannot be) known to the observer. For that reason, there is uncertainty in what we know about the universe.

Yes. Your point?

It is possible to attribute the time development of the observable to non-local hidden variables, just as it is possible to attribute it to the operators (Heisenberg picture) or to the wavefunction (Schrödinger picture). These are mathematically and experimentally equivalent. Which one you choose is an issue of mathematical elegance and/or personal preference.

The same goes for the multiverse picture: Being experimentally and mathematically indistinguishable from the Copenhagen picture, using it is a matter of personal preference.

All of these different metaphysics are about where to locate the time dependence of an observables. But since observables are only observable in toto, it seems highly unlikely that this particular line of enquiry will ever move beyond the philosophical into practical application. By all means, use any and all of them if that is the most mathematically elegant, or conceptually satisfying, solution to the problem at hand. But let's not pretend that they justify treating quantum mechanics as evidence that science accepts "weirdness" in general, or that your particular religious "weirdness" is epistemologically equivalent to scientific models.

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