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First, comparing the American Pro Life Movement with Jewish settlements is comparing apples and oranges.

But I didn't.

Upon re-reading the relevant paragraph, you will see that I was simply dispelling your argument from anecdote: That some member(s) of a group are nice and civil does not mean that the group is a constructive addition to society or that its agenda has any place in a civilised democracy.

They, i.e. certain fundamentalists may have their share in this general sense of loss of freedom.

"Certain fundamentalists" who "may have" a "share" in the "general sense" of loss of freedoms? In the same way that "certain factions" of the BNP "may have" a "share" in the "general sense" of increasing racism in Britain?

Of course the evangelicals are not alone in promoting authoritarian policies. But they are a major player on the American right-wing-extremist scene. Possibly the major player.

When I ask whether all Christians should take the blame (for the assassination/its causes),

No. But they must acknowledge this as an act of Christian terrorism (at least inasmuch as they acknowledge that "terrorism" is a meaningful term - I for one don't, but that's a different discussion). Claiming that "he isn't a (true) Christian" or that he is "an individual lunatic" obfuscates the fact that there exists a far-right Christian community that supports, encourages and breeds these kinds of terrorists.

You would never accept mealy-mouthed "but they weren't (real) communists" bullshit if the discussion was of the Baader-Meinhof gang. Or of Stalin's purges. Or of Castro's imprisonment of Cuban dissidents. Why does Christianity get to use a "get out of embarrassing terrorist groups free" card when communism doesn't?

Enfin, Christian reconstructionism is NOT Christian. Sorry to disappoint.

Again, who are you to say? Rushdoony, Schaeffer and Ahmanson (Schaeffer is also a leading light of the American anti-choice movement, by the way - very nice company they keep...) would in all probability say that you are not a Christian.

I wonder whether you really want to find out what's going on in the US or whether you already know everything, and your opinion isn't subject to change anyway.

I don't claim to know "everything" that's going on in the American far-right. But if you don't even know Rushdoony, Ahmanson, Scaife and Schaeffer (or Alcoa, Chiquita and ClearChannel, for that matter), then I do think that I know more than you do.

- Jake

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