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I recommend,

Contemplative Science - Where Buddhism and Neuroscience converge by B. Alan Wallace.

inside the cover:

Science has long treated religion as a set of personal beliefs that have little to do with a rational understanding of the mind and the universe. However, B. Alan Wallace, a respected Buddhist scholar, proposes that the contemplative methologies of Buddhism and of Western science are capable of being integrated into a single discipline: contemplative science...


In Contemplative Science, B.A.W. forcefully and properly challenges the materialistic presuppositions held by many scientists. He goes on to argue convincingly for the development of a contemplative science of consciousness based on a highly trained faculty of attention that can investigate the mind firsthand.
(Arthur Zajonc, Andrew Mellon Professor of Physics, Amherst College, author of 'The Dalai Lama at MIT')

publisher: Columbia University Press, NY

The Columbia Series in Science and Religion is sponsored by the Center for the Study of Science and Religion (CSSR) at Columbia University. It is a forum for the examination of issues that lie at the boundary of these two complementary ways of comprehending the world and our place in it. By examining the intersections between one or more of the sciences and one or more religions, the CSSR hopes to stimulate dialogue and encourage understanding.
(emphasis mine)

... stimulate dialogue and encourage understanding, not: encourage polarisation.

by Lily (put - lilyalmond - here <a> yahaah.france) on Wed Jun 3rd, 2009 at 06:47:05 AM EST
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