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I've always thought of myself as being quite prolific...; I feel humbled.

There are questions that have no meaning, no answer. Agreed.
What about questions that have existential meaning?

Science can explain almost every "ordinary phenomenon". Agreed.
What about extra-ordinary phenomena?

I'm no quantum physicist. I believe the point of science's limitations can better be made arguing from outside science, not from within. Valentin is trying to argue from within. He may not be a quantum physicist but he stays (tries to) within the rational framework of the debate. One must sound ir-rational to defend a position or other sciences that reach into, ~other dimensions.

When you consider findings outside your own science relevant, you should also consider methods revolving around them relevant. Not?

Clearly they can only be given "scientific relevance" by scientific methods.


I'm talking quantum physics because quantum physics was being talked about.

:) I see.

Last paragraph: You can drop it, please. I hope I've just made myself clearer.

by Lily (put - lilyalmond - here <a> yahaah.france) on Wed Jun 3rd, 2009 at 07:04:27 AM EST
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