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Yes I find the Bauhaus philosophy fascinating as they materially built the environment around the human being, just as Marx started with the worker and built his economic theory around the worker.

Art is a strange thing.  We could actually substitute the subject of religion for the subject of art and still would not be able to qualify or quantify the subject with the scientific method.

This tells me that certain aspects of the human condition cannot be explained scientifically (at least not yet), although people like Horkheimer, Adorno and Benjamin certainly tried.

I am only a pragmatic lefty because I realize that convincing people on the other side will not be done through dogmatic conviction.  It has to be done gradually through experience and argument.

As a tangent, this is why I feel the FDP neo-liberals are more of a threat than the NDP.  Europe has already done fascism, I really do not believe it is a serious threat due to common memory except for the very small percentage of loonies out there.

But "free markets" I think are a greater threat to society.  Not that I wish to ignore the National Democrats, but the Free Democrats are much more positioned to wreak mischief and much more credible in the political sphere.

We certainly need a campaign on the Left to educate the populace of the unseen dangers of neo-liberalism, and that is why I take a pragmatic stance on that question.

"Schiller sprach zu Goethe, Steck in dem Arsch die Flöte! Goethe sagte zu Schiller, Mein Arsch ist kein Triller!"

by Jeffersonian Democrat (rzg6f@virginia.edu) on Sat May 30th, 2009 at 07:36:11 AM EST
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