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And to clarify, "progressive" is not a party in America, it's a way people self-identify.  So you can no more say what an American progressive is than what an American feminist is.  No two are bound to agree on everything.

From observation, I will say that it appears the majority of Americans who could be called progressive are usually pro-choice, pro-equal rights for gays, etc., care strongly about the environment, are not anti-union, and believe the government should provide some social safety nets.  It's hard to say beyond that.  I am sure most would be flattered that you think they are patriotic, since they're used to being accused of hating their country.  But patriotism, which you also appear to conflate with unchecked nationalism, is neither here nor there.  It's not a defining aspect.  I thinks it is a defining characteristic of conservatives.

And liberals were not having trouble getting anywhere, they were called anti-American and told they should somewhere else to live if they don't like America.  And socialists and Communists were not "discredited" but literally hunted down by the government, accused of being spies and were  blacklisted.  

"Talking nonsense is the sole privilege mankind possesses over the other organisms." -Dostoevsky

by poemless on Sat May 30th, 2009 at 05:05:10 PM EST
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were not "discredited" but literally hunted down

Okay, there we go. I'm quoting you again. Just to clarify: I'm not a native speaker and may not always feel the nuance that you see. I know they were hunted down but I thought 'discredited' would be strong enough to describe how they and all opponents of government were treated (or risked being treated).

But patriotism, which you also appear to conflate with unchecked nationalism...

I happen to know a case of fierce patriotism combined with progressive attitudes (as you describe them). I don't know how representative my experience is. Therefore, I try to learn more about this phenomenon.

by Lily (put - lilyalmond - here <a> yahaah.france) on Sat May 30th, 2009 at 05:18:48 PM EST
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