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Jeffersonian Democrat:
But then what is the purpose of that challenge?

isn't this what they invented the word 'teleological' for?

there were cloud patterns yeaterday that seemed like they meant something, like it was an exquisite puzzle to contemplate, fraught with import. i thought of meaning in general then, and wondered about man's search for it. was i 'going teleological', and why was it so seductively pleasant a meditation?


there was a kind of scientific narrative going on that a meteorologist could explain, a procession of causes and concatenations concerning wind, humidity etc etc, all fascinating...

but what i felt was noumenal, an ancient sense of skrying nature for a glimpse of something existing behind its phenomena, beyond its appearance, a message, inchoate, but none the weaker for that.

so difficult to language this mindstuff.

especially as the message seemed incomprehensible! lol.

lovely envelope though...

today it rained, long and soaking, after 2 weeks of dry, unseasonably warm weather.

maybe the message was 'the weather's about to change, so get your tools in!'

the 60 tomato plants i planted yesterday are stoked.

"To be able to love the mystery surrounding us is the final and only sanction of human existence".-- R.W. Dickson .

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Sun May 31st, 2009 at 10:04:28 AM EST
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