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If I understand you correctly, your proposal is to alter the "home" layouts below.

READER logged ON, comment count updated REDREADER logged OFF, comment count NOT updated

And alter the navigation option bar item DIARIES (ascending chronology of "front page" artices, excluding "OPEN THREAD" records) to display a reader's choice of "sections" listed (navigation option menu). Note that your suggested list obviates redundancy of display of RECENT DIARIES and RECOMMENDED DIARIES currently listed in the sidebar.

Further, some programming routine will be written to generate dynamically (update) the DIARIES menu options as registered readers assign a "section" category from an option list of sections displayed with each published RECENT DIARY. (Your list is much briefer than the one Lily suggested in her earlier diary.) Also, a reader may (or may not) "recommend" a RECENT DIARY. A db-polling routine counts reader recommendations per diary per "section" in order to display an ordered list of "section" articles at any time.

Here you suggest: "One code to generate a page from a reclist, with a parameter on which type of rec is being looked up." I doubt this programming strategy is feasible or desirable for a number of reasons. Chief among these is reversability of recommendation and "section" assignment at any time. Note that irreversibility of assignment poses a host of ethical challenges to site administrators that guarantee future so-called debates about ideology, validity, and "user-friendly" and authoritarian functionality.

Aside all that, I hafta object to the overweening attention you give to rewarding writers with recommendations (another form of automatic "rating" incentive) and your assumption that diaries "languish" if the publishing platform provides no rating mechanism. You do have an idea how many blogs and webzines do not employ comment or article rating systems of any sort? If not --and absent any empirical analysis of page view data NOT VISITS or UNIQUE VISITORS remotely comparable to that DKOS fella who turned the charts-- I'm having some trouble accepting your guarantee (3) to "improve" as Lily might say, if Lily had something to measure like reader interactivity to lurking, exposure or "influence" potential, market penetration or "impact," or whathaveyou, attributable to "section" assignment.


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by Cat on Sun May 31st, 2009 at 03:15:01 PM EST
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