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"That's a couple of centuries of gap you'd have to bridge."

Yes, that was my point, and until you bridge that gap the person risks taking it as yet another weird theory of turning copper into gold. A couple of centuries gap is a leap sufficiently big to turn a heresy to material fact, or to make walking on air accepted by empiricists :)

"I fail to see how that's any weirder than the fact that ice cubes and water are made of the same kind of molecule"

Your comparison is of the wrong category. It would be weird if they were made of two different kinds of molecules at the same time.

As to the equations, you're probably aware that the issue is about statistics involved in explaining a fundamental property of the matter, and with it, the fact that we still don't know what a photon is.
As an aside, the particle property of light was not definitively accepted until the '70s, despite any quality of Logic and Reason that Einstein's quantum theories and the experiments of Compton and others carried.


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