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hmm, I'll tackle just one of my misinterpretations.

it relies on the display of RECENT DIARIES and RECOMMENDED DIARIES sidebars.

I had imagined the DIARIES option menu of SECTIONS included RECOMMENDED and RECENT DIARIES --AND-- RECOMMENDED and RECENT DIARIES displayed in the sidebar. One of these sets is redundant.

Thanks for clearing up my misunderstanding: RECOMMENDED and RECENT DIARIES lists in the sidebar only.

"Occasional Reader" (OR1,to you) double-clicks a title in RECENT DIARIES. As usual full text of story appears in new window with sidebar navigation elements REC and SECTION enabled (disabled? if OR1 has ever elected an option, making assignment irreversible). Perhaps too a list of SECTIONS currently assigned to the title appears in the story sidebar.

OR1 elects REC (t) and elects SECTION [VATICAN] from option list.

(Meanwhile, OR2 comes along to elect REC (f) and elects SECTION [HUMOR]. OR3 elects REC (t) and elects SECTION [PUBLIC POLICY]. OR4 selects DIARIES menu OPTION [VATICAN], run-time opens new window to display all VATICAN titles. Alrighty then.)

The need for RECOMMENDED DIARIES in the sidebar is not yet obvious to me, given the DIARIES new functionality: display [SECTION] RECOMMENDED and RECENT DIARIES.

So which RECOMMENDED DIARIES appear on the home (index) page, if at all?

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by Cat on Sun May 31st, 2009 at 07:36:42 PM EST
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No, they are not redundant.

A page view of the most recent diaries, and a page view of the top of the reclist, is not identical to the reclist, or the recent diary list. One contains more information about the diaries about the top of each list ... that is, the above the fold section of each diary ... while the other contains a longer list of titles alone.

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