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Did you just claim that demanding prosecution of war criminals and calling Rush Limbaugh an animal beneath contempt is the moral and political equivalent of political assassinations?

I do believe you did. Please tell me that I'm wrong.

I'm surprised. My trains of thought differ greatly from yours.

I "claimed" if one can call it such that hatred knows different expressions.
(Erotic) love comes along with soft whispered words, kisses, gifts, love letters, sex, kids, holding hands, crises, reconciliation, etc. It's a huge spectrum within one attitude.

Calling Rush Limbaugh an animal beneath contempt doesn't do anything to him, I guess. You could likewise ignore him. Now, is it the same as murder? "Only" in the way in which to think of having sex with someone differs from actually having it. And saying it out loud without going there can still lead to break-ups.

I can sit in the corner of a room and say, "I like my friend Babidou so much!". Maybe Babidou will receive the telepathic message. That's unlikely. But I will feel good.
Limbaugh won't hear you but you sit there, filled with anger.

Real change happens from the bottom up, inside out, for the better, or for the worse.

PS: To demand that war criminals be prosecuted is different: You can do so in an effort to keep them behind closed bars etc. Such demand isn't violent. The challenge lies in the implementation.

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