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One man, one vote - not in Europe - Radio Netherlands Worldwide - English

Dutchmen living abroad are allowed to cast just one vote in next week's European elections, even if they receive two voter cards, Deputy Interior Minister Ank Bijleveld reaffirmed to reporters. Her remarks come after many Dutch expats received two voter cards: one from their country of residence, and one from the Netherlands.

Ms Bijleveld emphasised that she favours a Europe-wide situation where citizens vote in the country where they live, whatever their nationality. But many other EU member states are of a different opinion and are holding on to the current system. As a result, Dutch expat voters who receive two calls have to choose: either cast a postal vote in the Netherlands, or vote at a polling station nearby.

"It's illegal to vote twice," Ms Bijleveld is reminding voters. There is a 3,700 euro fine on it.

by Fran on Mon Jun 1st, 2009 at 12:36:16 PM EST
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