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European Parliamentary elections: A farce without the fun of Eurovision

Eurovision, pop's music biggest kitsch and extravaganza show, a cultural Chernobyl, is a wildly popular event and a testimony of the overpowering dominance of low mass culture in the age of globalization. With its overriding emphasis on the predominance of effect and standardization, Eurovision represents or reflects the thoughtlessness or the content of the thought of a mass-consuming society whose members take a pleasure in meaningless pleasures and seek, either consciously or unconsciously, to escape from the burden of individual freedom and social praxis by allowing themselves to be docile and content.

European Parliament elections... rotate in the opposite direction from Eurovision: colorless and dull, they are characterized by low turnout and voters use them either to punish or protest the policies of their national governments.

by paving on Thu Jun 4th, 2009 at 09:55:57 PM EST
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