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Clinton was indeed the prototypical Third Wayist, but I did not mention him as he grew out of liberals rather than socialists.

On the other hand, I haven't mentioned even earlier domestic roots of the Third Wayists themselves.

Bliar & Brown were 'converted' to centrism and promoted by then leader Neil Kinnock; and the next leader John Smith, though more traditionalist, prepared the way towards Bliar's internal power structure changes and the symbolic and infamous changing of party statute Chapter IV by disempowering trade unions within the party. (Also, there was the Fabian Society, but I don't know its history of turning NuLab.)

In Germany, the domestic line was much more straightforward: Schröder is the ideological foster son of former (seventies-early eighties) chancellor Helmut Schmidt, him with the famous line "Those who have visions should see the doctor".

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