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Times || Noemi Letizia: Silvio Berlusconi may be `Papi' but he is not my daddy

Smiling as she left her modest flat near Naples, Noemi Letizia, the 18-year-old accused of being at the heart of Silvio Berlusconi's divorce, appeared distinctly bemused.

With her parents at her side, she told The Times that she was "absolutely not" the illegitimate daughter of the Italian Prime Minister, whom she affectionately calls "Papi". In their first joint interview since the scandal broke, the family denied yesterday they had any inappropriate connection to Mr Berlusconi -- but refused to clarify how or when they began to count him as a personal friend.

Here instead is a previous interview with Noemi which partially answers that last question, implying that Silvio and Noemi hang out together for well over a year if not several:

"Papi mi ha allevata. Non mi ha fatto mai mancare le sue attenzioni. Un anno, ricordo, mi ha regalato un diamantino; un'altra volta, una collanina. Domenica, una collana d'oro con un ciondolo. Lo adoro. Gli faccio compagnia. Lui mi chiama, mi dice che ha qualche momento libero e io lo raggiungo a Milano, a Roma. Resto ad ascoltarlo. E' questo che lui desidera da me. Poi cantiamo assieme. No, non mi candiderò alle prossime regionali. Preferisco candidarmi alla Camera. Ci penserà papi Silvio".

Papi raised me. He never lacked attentions towards me. One year, I remember, he gave me a small diamond; on another occasion, a necklace. On Sunday a gold necklace with diamonds. I adore him. I keep him company. He calls me up and says he has some free time and I join him in Milan or Rome. I listen to him. That's what he wants from me. Then we sing together. No, I'm not going to be a candidate in the regional elections. I prefer to run for the House of Deputies. Papi Silvio will arrange that."

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