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Pope Deplores `Ideological Manipulation' - NYTimes.com

AMMAN, Jordan -- Visiting a mosque on the second day of his closely watched first visit to the Holy Land, Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday denounced the "ideological manipulation of religion" and called for greater understanding between the Christian and Muslim faiths. Skip to next paragraph Related Times Topics: Pope Benedict XVI Enlarge This Image Muhammad Hamed/Reuters

Pope Benedict XVI waves to the faithful during mass at St. George Victorious Cathedral in Amman, Jordan, on Saturday.

Speaking outside Al-Hussein bin-Talal mosque in Amman, Benedict said that because of "the burden of our common history so often marked by misunderstanding," Christians and Muslims alike should "strive to be seen" as faithful worshipers of God.

In a speech that also touched on a central theme of his papacy and thought, the tension between faith and reason, Benedict said that "the ideological manipulation of religion, sometimes for political ends," was often "the real catalyst for tension and division, and at times even violence in society."

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anyone else thinking the words pot kettle and black ?

keep to the Fen Causeway
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