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In a statement to CNN, the sheikh's U.S. attorney said Nabulsi is using the videotape to influence the court over a business dispute.

In another report I read that the Sheikh kept a library of his torture tapes which he could view at his pleasure.  The really interesting question is how his former partner got a copy of this tape.

This is not the first instance I have encountered of this Arabian business negotiating technique.  When I was in Riyadh one time I worked out of the offices of an Australian national who had a Saudi partner.  My company knew him from work at the Jeddah Airport.  He was pleasant and able.  I later learned that, when he wanted to wind down his business and leave the country, he and his wife were arrested, jailed and held for several months before being allowed to leave.  I never had the chance to again talk with him so I don't know the details, such as what he had to leave behind.

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