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See the table in European Parliament election, 2009 (United Kingdom): Constituencies & representation.

You're guaranteed a seat in South East England with 9% of the vote, in London and North West England with 11% of the vote, in the East of England with 12% of the vote, and in the rest with 15% to 25% of the vote.

In the North West constituency where Nick Griffin is running, the last (9th) MEP was elected with a quota of 7.95% - This was LibDem Saj Karim who later defected to the Tories presumably doubting that the Lib Dems would be able to win two seats out of only 8 in 2009.

The 8th MEP (Labour's Robert Atkins) was elected with a quota of 8.1% - The BNP got 6.4% of the vote.

The 7th MEP was a Tory at 9.1% and the 6th MEP was went to the UKIP with 11.7%.

There is plenty of room for the UKIP to leak support towards the BNP and still have both of them win an MEP regardless of the Green Party campaign to stop the BNP, and with Labour and the Lib Dems losing one MEP each. But Griffin does have to score 8% of the vote.

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