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Er, yes and no.

Even the "blood"-based countries are built on ideas: only the idea is one concerning a supposed blood shared uniformly within and not shared beyond the borders. Behind all the talk of shared blood, the reality is always a genetic diversity, a diversity that exists locally and that has continuous patterns geographically that don't exactly correspond to borders. But nationalism tries to cover actual variation either by attempting cultural assimilation, or by attempting secession (depending on where you draw the limits of Your People).

The distinction between "blood"-based and "idea"-based national identities is blurred further if you consider countries beyond the USA and (most of) Europe. For, basically all post-colonial states and all post-imperial states show rather strong ethnic, language, cultural diversity. Some of these, like say Nigeria, are purely the products of colonial border drawing. Others, like India, are the products of domestically created unity myths.

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by DoDo on Thu May 21st, 2009 at 04:49:12 AM EST
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