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A perfect quote! As for a translation, lemme try. (In this case, methinks the problem is not language, but the need to add several explanatory notes.)

The kinship of the Boer people with the tribe of Mr. Popelak, Inderka, Molinek, Honsik, Haluschka, Miklautschitsch, Kudielka, Prochaska and Wiskozil [all German surnames of Slavic origin] is not immediately clear. These are the names of the best Germans we have --, taken from a list of participants of a taut German-national festival that was celebrated years ago in Iglau. Mr. Malik is an all-German [pan-Germanist] representative, Mr. Sedlak is an editor of the ,Ostdeutsche Rundschau` [ethnic-German paper in what became Western Poland], M.r Stepischnegg is the father-in-law of K. H. Wolf [a Bohemian-Austrian pan-Germanist]. In No. 17 of ,Fackel` [= torch; satirical journal in Vienna by an anti-Semitic ethnnic Jew], Mr. Kokoschinegg, Kovatschitsch, Mravlag, Besgorschak and Podgorschegg were described as the political spokesmen of the Germans in South Styria [part of Slovenia after WWI], all names that resonate well, as far as the German tongue must reach to bowl itself out. If one also considers that politically influential Slovenians are called Kaisersberger, Fischer, Mayer, Blachmann, Schuster, Rosenstein and Kramer; that the German who was shot at in Cilli onetime was named Pollanetz, while the Slav who shot him had to be called Jahn (Father Jahn, lookee by!); if in Marburg, Mr. Glantschnigg and Woschnagg are brawling as German nationalists and their brothers Glančnik and Vošnjak as Slovenian nationalists [same surnames in German resp. Slovenian spelling]; one may recall the ruminative remark of the Czech Rieger [Frantisek Ladislav Rieger, leading 19th-century Czech nationalist politician]: "It appears to me, it appears to me, that my own ancestors were closer to the Cherusci chieftain Arminius [leader of the German tribal association that annihilated the Roman legions of Varus in the AD 9 Battle of the Teutoburg Forest; a figure greatly mythologised by German nationalism] than that of baron von Chlumecky!" [Probably Johann von Chlumecky, Austrian minister, eventually a main negotiator of the 1905 Moravian Compromise concerning Czech vs. ethnic-German local interests; or an older relative]

*Lunatic*, n.
One whose delusions are out of fashion.
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