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never ever suggest that "German" and "Nazi" are synonymous. Quite the opposite.

I do deeply believe that fascism was an accident, a terrible one, in the history of modern Germany. I systematically refuse to use the word "German" for WWII, preferring the more correct noun for the people who invaded, National-socialists (and some changed in character, for example Edwin Rommel started the war as a Nazi, and finished with a coup against Hitler).

It seems to me that the description Cioran makes, Friedrich Nietzsche, say, would have grated his teeth, as he did, and a lot (Nietzsche saw the accident of fascism happened, and predicted that terrible wars would follow as a result). As you pointed out, Cioran was influenced, in this remarkable text, by the accident of history that had just happened.  

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by Patrice Ayme on Thu Jun 11th, 2009 at 10:10:00 PM EST
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