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There is more than just hypercriticism, I think. And I tend to think Cioran mentioned the "dépeuplement" figuratively - at least this passage seems to indicate it:

"Engendrer des mythes et y adhérer, lutter, souffrir et mourir pour eux, voilà qui révèle la fécondité d'un peuple. Les "idées" de la France ont été des idées vitales, pour la validité desquelles on s'est battu corps et âme. Si elle conserve un rôle décisif dans l'histoire spirituelle de l'Europe, c'est parce qu'elle a animé plusieurs idées, qu'elle les a tirées du néant abstrait de la pure neutralité. Croire signifie animer.

In my understanding, the problem seems to be about "vital ideas", ideals, that France produced and defended in the past (le vrai "rayonnement") and would now be missing. On the contrary, since the '50s France contented copying each and every cultural product of the US - from blue-jeans and country music via Hollywood to the libertarianist ideas of the '60s. What is The Genuine French spiritual or intellectual creation of the last 50 years ?

The part about the germans in Paris is interesting. I've seen a book and several comments about French collaborating with the occupier (and women more than collaborating), but not the converse. Interesting.

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