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In the US it is also getting attention from RW sources:
Barack Hussein Obama--President of the United States, messiah to the world, the 'chosen' one to the Left, and the dreaded 'Fuhrer-in-chief' to many of us--stated that he wants to 'bulldoze' U.S. cities that are in a state of decline.

I have a suggestion for 'Dear Leader.'  Start by bulldozing D.C.--not the hallowed halls of government or our national monuments but the horrid, crime-ridden, drug-infested neighborhoods of the nation's capital where thousands neither affirm nor value liberty, the rule of law, or the U.S. Constitution.

For far too long the nation's taxpayers have subsidized this monstrosity in spite of the fact that it's inhabitants refuse to allow upright citizens to carry a gun and proceed to demand that they have a voting member of Congress, although they are not and never have been a 'state.'

So, if the 'President of the United States,' the One with all the answers that will 'save the world,' the epitome of deep intellectual contemplation and 'rational solutions,' wishes to bulldoze those cities that are a drag on the nation, what better place to start than D.C.?

Of course I would not expect Obama to even give such a thing a single thought.  And of course I am engaging in sarcasm aimed at such a notion.  But I hope you see the point.

Most U.S. cities that are in a state of decline are in the states of the central and northern East Coast and the central Midwest in the 'rust belt.'  These areas have been hit hard by recession and the failure of U.S. industry to stand firm against unreasonable demands of labor unions that have basically rendered them uncompetitive with foreign corporations.  Great suffering has, indeed, ensued in these areas as a consequence of our collective errors in judgment over a very long period of time.

But The Examiner is present in a spectrum of political opinions in 90 cities across the USA.  In addition to the cited Columbia Conservative Examiner there is a Columbia Progressive Examiner which is featuring an article entitled "Local environmental advocates fight coal plant proposal."  Both these "Examiners" are in Columbia South Carolina.  This is the first time I have encountered it.  It is advertising for writers on its home page.  It appears to be an internet based do it yourself journalism vehicle.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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