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They don't exist however.

Books are being warehoused at our major libraries.

I've been on internal university discussions regarding this issue. Increasingly, books are being stored elsewhere.

One of the big difficulties we are facing now is that universities are shaving library budgets by moving to a page-print on demand model. This is OK for people in the sciences, but those in the humanities still have research that is wedded to the book.

The future library will not be a home for books, that's for sure. All universities in the US are not budgeting for such libraries of the past. The future library will be totally digital, and because of that, university presses and small presses will crater and collapse.

Increasingly, schools and presses are joining the open journal movement which has created a space for peer review online, a space that avoids the ridiculously high costs of maintaining a database of PDFs based in books. Those databases charge each university up to $1 million a year! Scholars are bypassing such exorbitant costs by simply housing journals online. Presses will not be far behind.

by Upstate NY on Tue Jun 16th, 2009 at 03:53:27 PM EST
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