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  1. The diary was about Europe.

  2. EMD and GE make diesel-electrics, not electrics. (Their European exports will feature in a future diary on modern diesel heavy-haul in Europe.)

  3. Apart from four failed prototypes (AC4000, DJ - this one with ADtranz motors and locally-made inverters -, DJ2, Tiansuo), the Chinese makers' modern locos were all technology transfers, from all three of the big European makers plus one from Japan.
  • DJ1, HXD1 (2x4-axle twin locos), HXD1B, HXD1C (6-axle): Siemens EuroSprinter (tech transfer to Zhuzhou)
  • HXD2 (2x4-axle), HXD2B (6-axle): Alstom Prima (tech transfer to Datong)
  • HXD3 (6-axle): Toshiba EH500, with Voith Turbo drives (tech transfer to Dalian)
  • HXD3B (6-axle): Bombardier TRAXX (tech transfer to Dalian)

A picture of the newest of the Chinese technology import locos, the HXD3B (which is the world's most powerful non-multiple loco with a continuous power rating of 9.6MW), with a picture of the origin of its exterior, the IORE double locomotive:

A picture of what was the pinnacle of domestic development, the SS9[G]; which has wound-field motors (and a continuous power rating of only 4.8MW on six axles), which got an external styling retro-engineered from the ABB Lok 2000 exported to Hong Kong:

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